Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One Woman Circus Act

I may not be the Bearded Lady (although I do have a surprisingly visible mustache if I don't wax), I am not the Elephant Woman, nor am I a lion-tamer. I am however, a one woman circus act. This occurred to me the other day as I held a twin on one hip, the other twin wrapped tightly around my leg, and was putting pots and pans back into the cupboard with...drum roll free foot. And I didn't drop or maim either baby! I never thought I would brag about using my feet for anything other than walking, but they have proven quite multifaceted. I can also bathe and dress a baby while on the phone, although this sideshow has resulted in me acquiring smooshed baby poop on the bottom of my multi-talented foot (the cause is still a mystery); hey, I didn't say my circus acts don't always escape downfall. I can also brush my toddler's teeth and my own while holding a baby or two, carry two babies up and down stairs at alarming speed, and have Dora & Mickey conversation while areobicizing and formulating blog ideas in my head all at the same time. Oh--and I'm sure observing me load three children under age three in a minivan is definitely circus act worthy...especially the part where I run back and forth between vehichle and house at least ten times before actually going anywhere.

And the cost to witness my one woman circus act? I'm happy to say--it's free of charge...purely provided for your entertainment. Enjoy.

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