Sunday, December 13, 2009

Teething Troubles & Only One Ark

The days of my little five pound babies snuggling side-by-side are over. I remember how sweet they were nuzzled in their pink pack-n-play together.

Those days are over. Enter the days of squealing, screeching and fighting. How can two little people be so angry--at each other! This is the moment I learn that having two of certain things, does come in handy. Variety in teething toys for example, have become a huge liability in the Davis household. Fresh out of the freezer one day, I handed Julia a blue double ringed teether. Her red puffy face softened, as she shoved the chilly object into her mouth. Immediately, sister Elizabeth's own tear-streaked face became even more reddened upon seeing sissy with an icy cold treat. Okay, mom's on top of it, I cleverly congratulated myself re-opening the freezer. "Here you go sweetie," I cooed, handing over another icy blue teether to Elizabeth. And yes--into the mouth it goes. But no sooner had I done the happy dance at solving the teething dilemma, did Julia toss her teething ring aside and make a beeline for Elizabeth. With the determination of a lion going for the kill, Julia bulldozed Elizabeth over and snatched her teething ring in seconds. The next five minutes were filled with high pitched protest and guttural sobbing. Julia grinned victorious--Elizabeth crumpled on the floor defeated. I picked up the discarded teether and with some persistent tugging, pried the "prize teether" from Julia. What was so special about this teether to cause twin WWF wrestling in my kitchen? Both teethers were blue, and the only difference I could find was a little yellow worm on the prize teether. Really? A worm? Now, the worm teething ring can only be alocated to a twin, if the other is sleeping, in a different room, or on another planet, otherwise I can count on another fullscale wrestling match.

My second favorite battle of the twins has a fun little twist. On this particular occasion, I sat on the couch in the living room while Julia and Elizabeth pleasantly played on the floor next to me. Out of nowhere, the serenity of the afternoon was broken by howling and bashing of toys. I slid down from the couch to inspect the commotion below. Julia and Elizabeth sat opposite one another, and were aggressively playing tug of war with a toy boat. Ah, but not just any boat. The object of desire this time, was in fact, Noah's Ark. I had to laugh at the irony of two creatures pulling and bashing each other with a biblical item. I ended up having to hide Noah's Ark, to shelter it from anymore abuse from twin babies. I'm tempted to buy another Ark, but that just seems counter intuitive. I wonder if Noah had this much trouble with his doubles.

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