Friday, January 15, 2010

Go Forth and Laugh my Fellow Home Seller!

If you've read my previous blaaags, then you have probably picked up on my convictions of the importance of having a sense of humor in parenting. Here and now for the record, I would like to add the equal necessity of having a sense of humor while selling one's house--while parenting-- three children under three--when one's spouse is not present--and it's -0 degrees outside.

I mean really! Husband's in 70 degree weather basking in the Arizona sun while Mom's in subzero Midwest trying to ready and maintain a house to sell and show to the world. Showing your house is like being in one of those dreams where you're completely naked in a room full of non-naked people. Showing a house where three children under three reside, is like one of those dreams where you're completely naked, running from a three headed monster, and jumping off a cliff.

It's hard enough to clean and maintain a house in general staying home with your brood, let alone making it appear as though June Cleaver runs the place. I'm lucky if I can even make it look like Rosanne is head of the household. Seriously, how many "Little People" dolls can a toddler have? Certainly enough to represent all members of Congress or the United Nations in this house. And no sooner do you gather up all Congressmen/women before you're own three powers that be have once again dispersed them from tote to floor in a nanosecond.

You must definitely have a sense of humor about scattered Little People, but more must have your sense of humor when discovering the less obvious disasters to be remedied pre-house-showing. I'm talking about the "booger wall." You will unsuspectingly happen upon it while make you're three-year-old's bed. There it is--crusted green boogies, the remnants of nap-time boredom and rebellion smeared on the yellow painted wall of her room.

You must not frett nor pause when Little People break from their tidy Congress sessions to take over your home! You must not cry when you feel like your arms will fall off if you have to clean one more thing--and low and behold you come accross a booger wall. Laugh! Laugh! Laugh! Laugh and go into your showing with pride! After all, you are the ruler--the conquerer of of all Little People and booger walls!

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