Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Magic Mushrooms and Other Celebrated Eccentricities

Last night I sat amongst a few of my peers discussing the humorous and cute things that come out of the mouths of our babes. One member of our party shared a story about a little boy who told his mom, "I want to go to a wedding so I can hear what the bride and groom say to one another, so I'll know what to say when I get married some day." Cute! My turn. "Well," I began hesitantly, "Laura my three-year-old, recently shared with her teachers that she 'has lots of magic mushrooms at her house and likes to eat them all the time.' I then had to explain that Laura has yet to be exposed to "Alice in Wonderland." Eccentric?

Thank God I was in the company of fellow mothers, all with a sense of humor. To my relief the "magic mushroom" story was received with laughter, and not cricket chirping or, "Did social services come banging on your door?" What can I say, Laura is her mother's daughter. I just recently submitted an article into cyberspace about coming to terms with my eccentricities and overall dorkdom. I took a journey back to my days of childhood awkwardness and angst dating deep back to the days of Hidden Valley Elementary. I'm fully aware however, that my eccentricities presented themselves much earlier--like right out of the womb, or at least toddlerhood, where I once threw a plate across the room because my Mom placed food on Mickey Mouse's face.

I'm kind of glad I was and still am eccentric in some ways. Gone are the days of throwing plates across the room because of ill favored food placement, but I still can't stand for certain food groups to touch on a plate. My acceptance of my eccentricities and dorkdom has not only helped to propel me in certain areas of life--writing for example (who doesn't love weird/goofy stories?), but it has also definitely prepared me to encourage my girls to embrace who they are--magic mushrooms and all.

In addition to mushrooms, Laura has inherited my weird food issues, known to destroy a sandwich if it dares to fall apart on her. Her younger twin sisters have also been known to exhibit a few delightful eccentricities. They enjoy putting a pair of big sissy's panties (fresh out of the laundry) on their heads and spinning around in circles. I say, "you go girls!" Eccentricity is the flavor of life. Do your thang!

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  1. Too funny!! All throughout, I'm thinking. . . I've done that, my girls have done that, worse yet, the food touching thing. . . I STILL do that! hee hee Thank you sooooo much for putting into words the realities and humanism of day to day life!! LOVE IT!!