Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ruby Slippers

The other day a friend of mine was telling me how she commented to a coworker about what a bad day she was having. "Well," he began, "Just click your ruby slippers three times and you'll find yourself in a happy place."

"But I'm wearing black heels," she replied, "who knows where I'll end up if I click my heels in these things."

A sucker for visuals, I loved the image of being in unimpressive black work shoes in place of sparkly ruby slippers. Even more, I loved the delicious possibilities of the places I would end up. Going through a rather rough spell at the moment, I imagined I would probably land in a dark alley, somewhere even more cold than where I presently reside (like Antarctica), or stuck in a DMV Antarctica.

In my job however, I don't wear anything close to ruby slippers, or black heels for that matter. My slippers have hard plastic bottoms with matted, but cozy fur lining. Right about now, I'd love for my slippers to serve more than as practical, comfy foot warmers. I'm ready to click those babies and land myself if not in a rainbow-yellow-bricked-munchkin-land, than at least something close--like just a happy place where my whole family could be together. Lately I perpetually feel stuck in the twister, except croupy, coughy, whiny twins, sassy, smarty pants three-year-old's, unpaid bills and disgustingly messy bedrooms are what pass by my window, instead of cows, witches and the like.

I suppose sooner or later, the house will sell, our family will be together, I won't have twister sized anxiety and depression. For now, I'll just keep clickin' those slippers together, hoping that maybe, just maybe...I'll be over the rainbow soon.

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  1. Hang in there my dear. Let me know if you need anything...even company on a play-date or the like.