Tuesday, April 6, 2010

All my Single Mommies...All my Single Mommies

Dedicated to the Empresses of Single Mommas Missi Rasmussen and Jennifer Thompson

Let this be an ode to the single parent...

No parent should be allowed to have the stomach flu. No single parent should EVER, EVER, EVER be allowed to have the stomach flu. Nor should she have to endure it on Easter...or any holiday for that matter. As I cried on the phone with friend Lauren on Easter Sunday, surrounded by sorrowful teething twins and a three-year-old on Easter candy overdose, I was able to make out her brother Andy chanting "SM2K, SM2K!" above my steady sobs. "What is SM2K?" I asked, or sniffled. "Single Mom 2 Kids," Lauren replied. "That was his name for me before I got remarried." I like it. I don't know why, but I like it. Maybe it's something about the way it rolls off the tongue--kind of a snazzy, contemporary sound to it, like Y2K, but not lame like Y2K.

So there I was, alone on Easter marinating in the realization that I was an SM3K. Only honorary SM3K, because I am of course married (don't worry the flu didn't damage my memory that bad). I decided to ask friends Missi and Jennifer hostesses with the mostesses of blog: http://singleandfabulouswithchildren.blogspot.com/ if hubby Paul only coming home every 30 days could allow for an honorary single mom status. I have realized throughout this "transitional period" as I've come to call it, just how excruciatingly difficult single moms have it. Throw in a night full of running to and fro from toilet to couch and coming too close to missing regurgitating into a plastic bag in the mix, and we've just upped the ante from excruciatingly difficult to impossibly difficult.

Part of my crying wasn't from the frustration of barely being able to peel myself off the couch, or feeling like feeding babies was like participating in a day long triathlon...it was also that I was surrounded by filth (much of it my own); piles of crumbs, diapers (some clean, some dirty), sippy cups, big girl cups, toys, Easter basket grass, blah, blah, blah--and if I'm being completely honest, I cried because I was completely and utterly lonely. Thank God that when I was in the midst of my actual sickness, the cavalry was here to rescue me. But sitting in the middle of the battlefield post-barf, etc. had me humbled and in gratitude for all the SM1K's, 2K's, 3K's, and beyond.

So, in homage to all my single mommas, I took a few photos to document part of my honorary period of being SM3K--let's call it the "Easter Flucapade." You will see no little girls in pretty, flowery Easter dresses, you will not see a Pine-Sol disinfected house, and you will most definitely not see a ham, casserole or any other tantalizing food dish anywhere in sight. But I can promise you will see babies still in pajamas at 3p.m. (one picking her nose), dirty carpets and dirty house.


Your Honorary SM3K--Erin Davis

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! That truly sounds like an awful situation. The only thing worse than being sick is being sick and having to take care of (unsympathetic) children at the same time.