Sunday, June 6, 2010

3 Kids and a Mom's Dinner Menu

A few nights ago, as I nibbled on a piece of bratwurst, I contemplated my pathetic decline in healthy eating as of late. Prior to the bratwurst nibbling, I dispassionately slumped against the open door of the refrigerator, facing the sparse contents within. Hmmm, milk, butter, condiments, a piece of chicken (that had already endured a nibble session) and--the bratwurst. If it hadn't been for the fierce grumble in my belly, I would have just left the bratwurst to waste away with the rest of the fridge misfits.

With three kids three and under, eating is--well, just another chore at times. Especially dinner time; I loathe dinner time. After scrambling around all day chasing lively little people, changing poopy diapers, cleaning (occasionally), and making the other necessitated meals of the day, who wants to make dinner? Dinner is a real downer; not just a downer, but a pain given the fact that more often than not, the fridge is usually in the previously mentioned misfit state. I strive to feed the Littles as healthy a diet as possible, like not serving mac n' cheese every night, but maybe just six nights (kidding!).

As for me, nibbling bratwurst just seems a lot easier sometimes than making a salad--the chopping, the slicing, the--I know, excuses. For the benefit of all mothers of multiple children, or stark raving tired parents in general, I have created the following weekly "3 Kids and a Blaaag Dinner Menu for Parents:"

Monday (Beginning of Week)
Spaghetti noodles with butter
(oops, no sauce, meat, bread & everything else typically used to make spaghetti & all veggies were mercifully doled out to the kids--who, incidentally ate NONE.



Would have been pizza, but oh, that's right--no funds for pizza, all money was instead spent on noodles, butter & cereal!

Leftover spaghetti noodles with butter


1 Delicious piece of bratwurst

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