Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Five Tips for Moving with Small Children (Good Luck with That)

"I may not be a smart girl, but I know what moving stress is."--Erin Gump.

1. A plan of action:
The key to a successful moving experience begins with a solid plan of action. Label your boxes, arrange for moving help, and for the love (of the Patron Saint of Sanity)—do not potty train twins. You will not only be packing and unpacking large quantities of boxes, you will also be changing large quantities of soiled “big-girl panties” and picking up endless (remarkably large) toddler turds—I’m sorry to say they don’t always land in target.

2. Arrange for plenty of help:
In addition to eliciting the services of packers and movers, it’s also vital that you be proactive in seeking childcare solutions. Don’t simply assume it’s going to “all work itself out,” or that your kids won’t “indulge in epic-sized tantrums,” or that pizza, juice, and M&M’s “will make it all go away.” Instead, assign one adult to every child. If you have Davis children, you might want to make it 2 (or more) adults per each child.

3. Prepare yourself for inclement weather:
Be sure to account for the challenges associated with seasonal weather. Or, if you live in a season-free environment simply consisting of hot, hotter, and hizzotest, don’t move--ever.

4. Reduce expectations:
It’s understandable to have expectations of how your moving experience will manifest. It’s even customary to be disappointed about certain aspects of your new home; the furniture might appear awkward, or the carpet may be aesthetically dismal. In some cases you may have even had the expectation that your new home would be free of scorpions … until that is, you caught a glimpse of one rapidly scuttling across your entryway. Reduce your expectations; it will “all work itself out”—if it doesn't, call an exterminator.

5. Maintain a positive attitude:
When all else fails put on your happy face. When people ask you how the move is going try to limit the number of times you point a fake-finger gun to your head.

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