Friday, October 9, 2009

Long-neck Cranes and Other Fun Childs Speak

Our family passed a field the other day on the way to church. My husband pointed out a skinny, long-neck crane standing gracefully at its center. "Look at the bird Laura!" he exclaimed. I turned around in my seat to observe her reaction. "Daddy, that bird looks just like my Mommy," she said. So I don't know much about cranes, other than they are skinny with long necks. So I'll go ahead and take my two-year-old's statement as a huge compliment. Especially considering the nearby cluster of plump cows that went unnoticed. In addition to the little warm fuzzies I received from such a sweet comparison, I marvel at the uncomplicated honesty of the way children view the world, and then transpose into uncomplicated, honest sentiments.

A few weeks ago when I was suffering from hormallergies (the worst case of hormones combined with allergies), I was crying in the kitchen while Laura ate her lunch in the other room. She couldn't see me, but she must have heard my sniffling because her little munchkin voice piped out, "Mommy? You feelin' kind of poopy?" To which I responded, "Yes, I guess I am honey." To which she in turn replied, "It's okay Mommy eat a piece of chicken and you'll feel better." Uncomplicated and honest.

Sometimes I think we'd do better as adults to communicate in childs speak. Especially when we're really trying to convey a deep emotion or sentiment. I don't know about you, but I'd love if my husband gave me an Anniversary or Birthday card inscribed with, "You are my graceful long-neck crane...I love you." Uncomplicated and honest. Or how about receiving a get well card that reads, "Sorry you're feeling down. Eat a piece of chicken and you'll feel better." Uncomplicated, honest, and funny, not to mention refreshingly absurd.

I'm just saying...maybe we muck it all up with all our deep, introspective, overthought, run-on, overly descriptive nonesense. Okay me done now.

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