Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Laundry is the Devil

Indeed, laundry is the devil incarnate. Its pointy horns and staff are cleverly disguised as ten-foot piles of dirty, stinky, despicable clothing. Ahhh, the treacheryery found in spit-up on shirts, jeans, balled up underwear, and yes, even the cute little onsies too! All gathered together in a sinister mountanous pile; they tell you..."It's okay, you can go watch Ellen, don't worry about us," or "Update your blog," or "Stare at the ceiling." Anything to keep you from dispelling their evil into the open recesses of your waiting washer. And of course you listen, because you want to believe the lies of the laundry devil. Soon you catch yourself saying things like, "Oh, I can wait another day, week, or month," or "I'll just buy some new underwear." And then, "Yeah, I owe it to myself to watch Ellen, update my blog, and stare at the ceiling. Heed this warning here oh fellow afflicted ones..."DON'T BELIEVE THE LIES." Take the dirties from their firey abyss and clense them in the good waters of your washer. For if you don't my good friends...the piles will only haunt you all the days of your life - or at least until you do a load of laundry.


  1. Such truth my friend, such truth.

  2. Yeah. I'll actually find myself watching shows I've never seen before and definitely don't care about just to put off doing... just about anything around the house.