Friday, September 11, 2009

MPS - Day Three

Day three of confrontation:

Aye Carumba! No mas potty training (too lazy to look up Spanish translation for potty training). Mommy es muy cansada. Mommy is so tired in fact, that she forgets about potty training entirely. Two-year-old has not been prompted to use potty all morning. Mommy pays dearly for this infraction when Laura hollers, "Mommy I'm peeing on the floor!" "Ahhhhh," Mommy replies with freshly bathed naked twin in arms...other twin headed straight for quickly accumulating pee puddle on floor. Meanwhile two-year-old still peeing. Mommy sets naked twin on family room floor, pushes other twin farther away from pee puddle. Two-year-old still peeing. Naked twin already inches from pee puddle. Laura still peeing. Other twin has broken through living room barricade...almost to pee puddle. Mommy grabs two-year-old covered in pee, puts both twins back in living room, re-enforces barricade. Cleans up two-year-old, puts clothes on naked twin, mops up pee, and congratulates self for not loosing sanity.

Rest of afternoon yields one more accident, this time just a small occurrence (in big girl panties, not floor). Two glorious evening victories at friend's birthday at Fun Run when Laura uses big potty (once even, informing Mommy on her own).

Conclusion of day three Mexican standoff: Undecided.

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