Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mexican Potty Standoff

Mexican standoff - a confrontation where neither side wins.

Mexican Potty standoff - a confrontation where neither side wins, pee ends up on your carpet, and Mommy is a basket-case by end of day.

Day one of confrontation:

It was explained to Laura by Mommy and Daddy that diapers would only be worn during nap and night time. Big girls wear big girl panties and use the potty. Explanation was accepted with passive nod of two-year-old's head. Tuesday A.M. things look promising as Laura uses potty after being enticed by the last orange peanut M&M found at bottom of junk bowl (desperate times call for desperate measures...don't judge). Standoff digresses mid-morning when Laura pees in big girl panties and refuses to use potty. Further digression pre-nap when Mommy asks her to use potty for umteenth time. Laura responds to said request, "absolutely not." Afternoon has ended completely in the toilet, no pun intended, and no potty used.

Conclusion of day one Mexican standoff - two-year-old wins.

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