Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mexican Potty Standoff - Day Two

Day two of confrontation:

Mommy waits to confront two-year-old until masses of liquid and morning cartoons have been consumed before mentioning potty. Mommy asks nonchalantly, "Laura are you ready to use the potty?" Two-year-old screams in response, "NO." Mommy beginning to lapse into defeatist mode. Battle ensues at snack time between fruit versus fruit snacks. Mommy seizes opportunity for potty persuasion. "You can have fruit snacks if you pee in the potty." Two-year-old, "Okay!" Mommy feigns composure, while inwardly rejoicing at successful bribery tactic. Afternoon in question when Mary Green, family friend comes to watch the children so Mommy can momentarily escape. "We had a battle," Mary Green reports upon Mommy's return. Sh**! "Laura screamed at me when I asked her to use the potty, but when I asked her why she was screaming, she suddenly stopped, then used the potty." Phew. Big girl panties remained dry all day!

Conclusion of day two Mexican standoff - Mary Green wins

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